The Lentil Cream Ale Story

A tale of Saskatchewan innovation, passion, family and beer


Mark and Tyler are cousins.


Mark is obsessed with brewing craft beer, which is his main focus as Vice President & Brewmaster at Rebellion Brewing Co., a Regina-based craft beer brewery.

Tyler loves sharing Saskatchewan’s pulse crops (lentils, peas, beans, and chickpeas) with the world, which happens to be his job at AGT Foods, a Regina-based company that buys, trades and processes agricultural commodities.

One day Tyler brought Mark a bag of AGT’s proprietary King Red Lentils, the largest and boldest variety of red lentils available today. Tyler asked Mark if he could make craft beer with King Red Split Lentils.


Yes he could. In fact the idea fit right in with the Rebellion mission, to use locally grown ingredients as much as possible to brew unique, flavourful beers for the local market. Brewing beer using Saskatchewan-grown lentil and serving Saskatchewan lentil farmers  was right up Rebellion’s alley!

And thus Lentil Cream Ale was born.

Within months, Lentil Cream Ale passed the taste test of beer and lentil enthusiasts across the province and had begun the journey to a tap near you.


          “When the opportunity came along to brew with lentils, we were very intrigued by the

           possibilities of working with a unique input, and we also fed off of AGT's energy and

           enthusiasm for pulses as an emerging food trend.
           Brewing with locally grown lentils is just one more way that Rebellion strengthens

           the local economy ... from pulse to pint!” 
                                                                                        Mark Heise
                                                                                        Vice President & Brewmaster

                                                                                        Rebellion Brewing Co.


          “We are always looking for new and innovative uses for our products, especially

           pulses as they are the food of the future. We foster an environment of innovative

           thinking among our employees at AGT and Lentil Cream Ale is a result of this. We

           are really proud to be working with local companies on new, innovative products that

           showcase the strength of Saskatchewan’s agri-value sector. ”  
                                                                                        Murad Al-Katib 
                                                                                        CEO, AGT Food & Ingredients Inc.



The Lentil Cream Ale Taste

The cream ale style of beer is designed to be light, crisp and refreshing.


Most Cream Ales are made from a barley malt base cut with cheap adjuncts like rice or high fructose corn syrup. These inputs contribute no flavour and thin the body. Cheap. Bland. Thin.


Lentil Cream Ale uses 20 percent King Red Lentils which contribute a richness and depth of flavour, as well as a creamy well rounded body not otherwise found in a light 4% beer. It is pale yellow in colour and naturally hazy like an unfiltered wheat beer. There is a subtle earthiness from the lentils that compliments the crisp graininess of the barley. The bitterness and hop flavour is restrained, but drinkers will find a refreshing lemon citrus note from the clean ale yeast. Lentil Cream Ale not only proves that great beer can be made from lentils, but refreshing light beer can also have flavour.


Food Pairing

Our Lentil Cream Ale is great for just about any occasion. It has crowd-pleasing flavours and its origins are a great conversation starter.


The Lentil Cream Ale can be paired with a variety of foods. Salty snacks, such as pretzels and pita chips, pair great. Spicier fare like pepperoni pizza, tacos, nachos, and most Asian cuisine taste better when tamed with a crisp Lentil Cream Ale. Your next backyard cookout with burgers and sausages is going to be even better with a glass of this beer.


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